How Fast Did P Diddy Run a Marathon?

P Diddy (Sean Combs) ran the New York City Marathon in 2003 with a time of 4:14:54. This time meant he ran at an average pace of 9.44 minutes per mile.


Why Did P Diddy Run a Marathon?

P Diddy ran a marathon in order to raise money for childrens charities Children’s Hope Foundation, the Daddy’s House Social Programs, in addition to New York’s public school system under his P Diddy Runs the City campaign.

With an aim to raise $1 million dollars, P Diddy reportedly smashed this target raising over $2 million for his chosen causes. Famous donors included:

  • Jay Z – $25,000
  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg – $10,000
  • Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez – $78,000

P Diddy vs Oprah

P Diddy stated that his goal time was to beat Oprah’s marathon time of 4:29:15, with another target to beat the 4 hour barrier. When Oprah discussed this on her show, she stated that “around mile 20 you start calling on Jesus”.

This was more than true for P Diddy, who got cramp in his legs from mile 12, however, despite the pain he battled through and despite being reduced to walking pace at times, didn’t stop. Describing this he said – “I was in real trouble and I wanted to stop. It was a life changing experience because I did not stop,”

P Diddy also described his marathon experience as “beautiful”, whilst also saying “I’ve never experienced mental or physical pain like that” – a mix of feelings and emotions that any marathon runner can relate to!

How Did P Diddy Train for the New York Marathon?

P Diddy spent 8 weeks training for the marathon and hired the help of Personal Trainer Mark Jenkins to help him train. To get into marathon shape in time, P Diddy aimed to cut out his diet of “burgers, snacks…twizzlers, chicken…and alcohol”.

As the video below highlights, P Diddy’s training didn’t always go to plan, with his training described as “sporadic at best”.

P Diddy’s Thoughts on Running

Although posted the year after his marathon performance, P Diddy shared his thoughts on running and the humbling, meditative impact it can have. These mindfulness that running brings to P Diddy is shared by many runners.