How Fast Did Lance Armstrong Run a Marathon?

Lance Armstrong ran his fastest marathon in 2:46:43, at the New York City Marathon in 2007. This equates to a pace of 6.22 minutes per mile.

How Many Marathons Has Lance Armstrong Run?

Lance Armstrong has run 4 marathons:

2006 – New York City Marathon – 2:59:36

2007 – New York City Marathon – 2:46:43

2008 – Boston Marathon – 2:50:58

2019 – Austin Marathon – 3:02:13

Lance’s first marathon was in 2016, where he beat the 3 hour barrier in the New York City Marathon whilst raising money for his charity Livestrong. His PB came the year after at the same event, setting an impressive time and showing that he’s just as quick on his feet as he is on two wheels.

Lance again took on 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon in 2008, again running a great time; however, his placement in the Boston Marathon has now been removed following his conviction of doping from USADA. Since Boston Marathon follow the rulings of USADA, this meant his time has been removed from the official record.

Despite this, Lance took to the road once again in 2019, running a “charity chaser” marathon in Austin, in which Lance set off 25 minutes after the rest of the runners and raises money for everyone he passes before the finish line.

How Did Lance Armstrong Train for the Marathon?

Lance suggested that he struggled to prepare for his first marathon, with his longest training run peaking at 16 miles, fairly short when compared to your standard marathon preparation.

Lance stated that he struggled to run for longer than 45 minute a day, fitting training around other commitments. Although not to be scoffed at, as a former professional cyclist (arguably the cyclist of a generation) aiming for a sub-3 marathon, this represents under-preparation.

Lance had assistance from a number of star pacers throughout his first marathon, Alberto Salazar and Germán Silva for the first 10 miles, Joan Benoit Samuelson took over at this stage and Hicham el-Guerrouj helped see in the final 6 miles. A dedicated “Lance-Cam” no doubt also helped him push through the pain barrier.

During the race Lance said he thought “maybe I should have trained a little harder for this” – echoing the thoughts of almost every marathon runner in the midst of the marathon.

Lance’s Thoughts on the Marathon

Despite being one of the most (in)famous cyclists to have ever pedalled the planet, Lance said that his first marathon was the “hardest physical thing” he had taken part in, particularly the last 8 miles. It’s nice to know that even champion athletes have to endure the pain of the marathon distance the same as everyone else.

Lance went further saying ““I can tell you, 20 years of pro sports, endurance sports, from triathlons to cycling, all of the Tours — even the worst days on the Tours — nothing was as hard as that, and nothing left me feeling the way I feel now, in terms of just sheer fatigue and soreness”.

Lance reportedly suffered from shin splints during the race and had extreme fatigue in the days afterwards – quite a testament to the challenge that 26.2 miles represents!

Speaking at an Iron Man event in the video above, Lance joked that he doesn’t “know anyone that has a true love for running”, which suggests that perhaps the marathons have left a lasting impression on the Tour de France champion!




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