How Fast Did Kevin Hart Run a Marathon?

Kevin Hart’s fastest marathon time is 4:05:06, which he completed at the New York Marathon in 2018, which equates to a pace of 9.21 per mile.
Kevin also completed the Chicago marathon in 2019 in a time of 4:13:10, which equates to a pace of 9.40 per mile.

How did Kevin Hart train for the marathon?

Kevin has stated he would aim to run 4 times during the week, fitting around his busy show schedule and 12-14 hour working days. This would involve waking up at around 6 and fitting in a run for 1 hour, 1 hour 30 mins before starting his day.

Despite this Kevin didn’t follow a specific training plan. Kevin’s longest run in preparation for the marathon was 18.5 miles, however, he emphasizes the importance of mental strength in the marathon, whilst also being physically prepared.

Kevin’s biggest factor in ensuring he didn’t hit the wall was a focus on staying replensihed, both hydrated with water and with glucose via energy tablets or gels, explaining “You gotta put back in what comes out”.


What running shoes does Kevin Hart wear?

Kevin Hart ran the New York Marathon in Nike Vapourfly running shoes – having trained with a rotation of 3 different pairs.

Kevin Hart’s marathon experience

Despite not getting the time he wanted in Chicago, which Kevin blamed on the weather conditions (nobody likes 16 miles of rain), getting cramp at mile 22, and the psychological impact of seeing two women publicly excrete… Kevin was nevertheless upbeat following the marathon and he shared his thoughts on his Instagram.

Kevin Hart’s marathon goal

Kevin Hart has stated that he wants to achieve the goal of running a marathin in 3 hours 45 minutes, so with two already under his belt, it looks like Kevin may have more marathons lined up in the future!