How Fast Did Gordon Ramsay Run a Marathon?

Gordon Ramsay’s best marathon time was at the London Marathon in 2004, when he ran a time of 3:30:37. This equates to an average mile split time of 8:02.

Ramsay’s running history

Gordon Ramsay is not just a talented chef, but also an accomplished marathon runner, running the London marathon multiple times throughout his life, as well as Comrades marathon in South Africa and the LA marathon. His PB came in 2004 in England’s capital in an impressive 3:30:37 – Ramsay has said that he’s sure he would have finished in a sub 3:30 time had he been less generous with his crowd interactions and autograph signings! Ramsay has historically run the prestigious London marathon for charity 10 consecutive times,  accomplishing his goal of 10 charity marathons.

The story is said to go that Ramsay ran his first marathon in 2001, after being inspired by some tough love from his father-in-law who commented that he was “getting fat”. He completed the London Marathon that year and has enjoyed running ever since. It has been reported that his first marathon was completed in 4:57, however, we’ve been unable to confirm this with the results tools available on the web.

Gordon has also said it was simply watching his father-in-law take part in the marathon on TV that gave him the motivation to lace up his running shoes. Regardless of exactly why he started, what is clear is that Ramsay has a knack for running and is an avid fan of the London Marathon. Gordon has stated that his dream marathon would be in the North Pole – a far removal from the heat of the kitchen!


His talents don’t stop at marathon running, however, Ramsay also  knows his way around a bike and is comfortable in open water, having completed an Ironman Triathlon, which along with his first marathon has been stated as his most cherished medals. The event in Hawaii in 2013 was completed in 14:04:48.


How does Ramsay train?

Ramsay has said that he loves a morning run along the Thames, which gives him the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful stroll in a city that’s normally so bustling. However, in an interview before his PB marathon time, he said he had been training Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work, running along the river between midnight and 2am.


The jury is also out as to whether he listens to music on his runs with some sources saying he prefers music to silence and others stating that he finds music to be an annoyance on runs.

If you find it difficult to find running shoes that fit, spare a thought for Ramsay, who has size 15 feet. This may mean he isn’t the most graceful runner, but nevertheless Ramsay is an inspiring and committed marathoner.

Ramsay has stated that Mo Farah is his running hero,

Why does Ramsay run?

Everyone has their own reasons for running and Ramsay is no different. He has been reported as saying that running acts a release from the no-doubt busy life of a celebrity chef and keeps him say. Ramsay is by his own admission “a happier person when he’s been out for a run”.

Like many runners who try to explain their passion to the uninitiated, Gordon believes that the biggest misconception about running is that it is boring. He is also active on Twitter, encouraging other runners taking part in marathons and triathlons.

Who does Gordon Ramsay run for?

During his charity marathon running, Gordon Ramsay has raised money for a variety of different charities, including the Scottish Spina Bifida Association, Cancer Research and Women’s Aid.


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