How Fast Did Chris Evans Run a Marathon?

Chris Evans best marathon time was 4:39:53 in the London Marathon in 2016, which is an average pace of 10.43 per mile.

Chris Evan’s Running History

The radio presenter and former Top Gear host Chris Evans has run four marathons, all of which have been in London and have been raising money for Children in Need. His times have been:

London Marathon 2015 – 4:53:15

London Marathon 2016 – 4:39:53

London Marathon 2017 – 4:41:06

London Marathon 2018 -5:12:10

Chris Evan’s Marathon Training

In his book, “Call The Midlife”, Evans discusses his marathon preparation, stating the importance of consistent training and sticking to the weekly routine. He also stresses the importance of getting sleep in to rest up, the right cross training, and the all important nutrition and hydration, particularly on race day. Fair play to Chris – he hits all the right notes!

It’s clear that he favours a pre-marathon diet to get in shape and shed the extra pounds according too his Twitter.

Chris describes that his marathon training consisted of a variety of different types of running, “long, short,ย  recovery,ย  hills, fast, marathon pace, tempo and gentle slow jogs”.

It’s interesting that Chris states that sticking to a routine fully will get you round, you’ll probably manage if you stick to most of your weekly training and if you get about half in you can still possibly make it round (if pushing it), but anything less is a death wish.

Chris’ Philosophical View of Marathon Running

In his book, Chris gets philosophical about what running a marathon takes mentally and what it can give back in other areas of your life, something that anyone that’s crossed the marathon finish line can attest to.

He emphasizes the strategy and tactics necessary to finish and the joy or pursuing a goal, as well as how it makes his feel stronger in every aspect of his life. Overall, Evans states that it made him feel himself again.